A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #14

Did you know that there is a “new consciousness”, a new energy coming to our planet right now ??? It’s just beginning to be felt here & it is carrying with it knowledge, instructions & the seeds of our vast memories – It is beginning to enter our heart center & will be increasing in intensity as the days go forward……. This is the intent that I am currently using…….

Universe, Prime Creator, Lord Metatron, my Soul Monad, my Soul Self, my Higher Self, Lady Isis, Master Donavan & Master Jacob:                                               I now invite you to work with me & to work with this New Consciousness that is coming on to our planet – I am ready, open & receptive to receive the “New Consciousness” that is now flowing onto our planet, & into my physical body, my mental body, my emotional body, my Etheric body, into all the cells of my body & my cell memories, into my complete chakra system & my DNA, into my heart center & into my mind……………..
It is my highest of intents that: I now ask for your assistance to remember
& to bring to mind an understanding of what this consciousness is all about…………….
It is my highest of intents that: I now ask for your assistance to understand this consciousness & to be able to tap into its vast knowledge & the instructions that it is bringing with it ……………………..
It is my highest of intents that: I now ask for your assistance to tap into the seeds of my vast memory that it carries within it & to tap into the ancient memories that I carry within my own heart………………..
I now ask for your assistance in: Understanding ALL that this “New Consciousness” is bringing forth for humanity……….                                                     To understand: The rhythms of the present & what the future rhythms will be as this consciousness grows & grows through out this year ahead ………………
I ask that you now show me: How I can grow in this “New Consciousness”……..
Show me: How I can be greater than I have ever been before …………………
I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!
It is at this point that I go within & ask my Higher Self to guide me – I also listen to the urgings of my Higher Self as to any insights she may have with regards to the above intents……….Alway close by thanking Creator for this wonderful gift that we are being sent.
Thy will be done Father, thy will be done – Amen

Here are some of the wonderful experiences I have had “so far”………. The energies are really Beautiful & Peaceful……….I find them very Loving & Joy filled………They bring a smile to my whole body…………I love to sit in them & soak them into my whole body, into all the cells of my body, my cell memories, my chakras & my DNA……………………. ……………………………………………………………….

Here is a favorite of mine – I call it “Roto-Rooter” for my healing practice – When brought into my body, it works at rooting out anything that needs further healing & helps to further the healing currently taking place within – This healing energy is way to strong for our pets – The use of this cleansing energy is similar to cleaning out a wound so it will heal faster –
I command that I am now drawing in through my crown chakra, the energy of the Christ Consciousness – I am now drawing it into my head, across both of my shoulders & down both of my arms to my finger tips – The energy of the Christ Consciousness is now filling my upper torso & lower torso, my upper back, my lower back, & the small of my back – It is surrounding my spine & all of my organs – It is flowing into all the cells of my body & my cell memories, into my complete chakra system & into my DNA – It is now flowing down into my hip area, down both of my legs into my thighs, my knees, my calves, my ankles, my feet & my toes – I command that the energy of the Christ Consciousness has now completely filled my physical body, including all the cells of my body, my cell memories, my complete chakra system, & my DNA  –  And So It Is !!!                                                                                                                                   Relax your body – This energy is more blue than purple, I see it as a periwinkle blue – I let it cycle in & run through out  my body until it says it’s done – It will stop all by its self – When it has completed its work……………                                                                                          I command that my physical body, including all the cells of my body, my cell memories, my complete chakra system, & my DNA are now filled to over flowing with gold healing energy of the very highest vibration possible –   I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!                                                                                Sit & be aware of what might be happening for you – Do you see colors??? Do you see if there is anything leaving your body??? The periwinkle blue color that I see is a higher dimension color & now that I’ve changed so very much, I need this higher vibrating color – You may need to use a different color – Did you know all colors vibrate differently on different dimensions??? Take “gold energy” for instance – As we go up in the dimensions, the vibrations of the “gold energy” will also increase – For me, my body tells me how much it really loves this color vibration –
I first time I used this energy, I saw brown boxes (box after box) floating out of my 3rd chakra – I just sat there & watched them leaving – How does my body feel??? Good/ light/ airy – I remember taking a deep breath & floating – I was more grounded, rested & ready to go – Although I use this on a daily basis to keep my self clear, you can also use it only when you need an energy boost – If you use this when you feel really tired & it will help you to work through your healing faster – This energy is known to work like a Roto-Rooter as plows its way through what ever is stuck inside of you – There’s no end to what’s inside of us –                                                                                                                                                      Other experiences I have had: I have felt like I was a baby bottle & a brush was scrubbing me out, even my toes & fingers – A few different times I have seen brown boxes with little white wings float out – I have felt beautiful waves of energy flowing & pulsating throughout my body – I feel very much alive & tingley, especially in fingers – I have felt waves of electrical impulses flowing through, around & within my body – There are times that I feel  waves of energy gently flowing in one wave after another –                                                          ……………………………………………..

These are my sentiments: We are living in an illusionary state as humans & we are sooo ready to walk thru the door & into a more loving heart centered existence – We / I want to close the door behind me & say good riddance to this 3d experience – Let’s close the book on it & let it be – History has been written & there’s no more to say or experience – We’ve done it all / said it all – It’s time to leave it all behind us & to move on – I have found myself writing 2013 on everything – I guess my Higher Self, my inner self has decided to by-pass the year of 2012 altogether – Apparently 2012 has been removed from my calendar – I so  want to get the year over with & get on with all the really good stuff that lays ahead for us –

Have you noticed that you no longer resonate with people, places & things – I have noticed that I no longer resonate with people who I used to (or at least I thought I did) & with things around me – I have noticed this for some time now – It is a sign of our awakening to who we really are as a soul – Don’t let it scare you or unnerve you, it’s all part of the awakening that we are now going through – As we grow & awaken, we naturally gravitate & draw to us those of a similar vibrational energy – So,  if you feel some friendships, relationships have under gone a change, they have – This is GOOD – Even our tastes are changing – Let’s just go with it & see where it all takes us – I actually find it very intriguing, especially to see how I look at things vs. how others see the same thing – I asked my Soul Self about all of this & was told that “because I resonate/vibrate at a much higher frequency, all of these changes are in the past & are of no consequence to me going forward” – Yet I still would ask why??? I was told that “I’ve raised my vibration/ frequency to a higher level so I don’t resonate to what I had resonated to in the past – Looking at it/studying it will not benefit me or where I am at this point on my journey”- As we raise our vibrations we find we no longer resonate with certain people, places or things –

There’s no time like the present & of course the present means “now”“NOW” is where we are all headed – Energy has no time attached – It’s always in the state of NOW – Our words, our thoughts are all energy therefore they are also in the “now” – Have you noticed the quickening of time??? I know I have – BIG time – A project that used to take me an hour, now takes me 3 hours because of our 3d reality time has sped up – I read a few months ago that what we see/know as being a 24 hour day/period, is in reality only 14 hours now –

Because of my work with energy & vibration, I often have “visitors” better known as “observers” visiting me to check out the work I do – Donavan & Jacob, both Beings of Pure Light & Love, are always here to protect me – These visitors just pop in to observe & then they leave – Usually they are from other galaxies, & some are what I have come to know as “travelers” of the Galaxy, the Universe, & the Cosmos – That’s what they do, they travel learning all that they can & keeping up on all that is happening especially with ascension on the horizon – When these visitors show up, Donavan will stand on my right side & Jacob on my left side – I will see & feel this bubble of protective light surrounding me – Even though these Beings of Love & Light have my highest & best in mind, Donavan & Jacob still feel that it is very important to protect me by putting up a protective shield around me – Usually these “visitors’ come while I’m doing my invocation work & healing work – Because of this work there is always the possibility of my being open & receptive to energies that are not my own (another reason why Puma has come forward to protect me 24/7) – They never stay long, just as long as they need to – They have been known to leave as soon as Donavan & Jacob put up the barrier of protective energy – It looks “egg” shaped & with it up observer is unable to see through it to see what I am doing – Donavan & Jacob are always proactive in protecting me from all incoming visitors –

Ascension is never an event outside of ourselves as many of you have been taught, but it is an inside job – Each one of us has earned the right to shift into a higher state of consciousness as bestowed upon each of us by your Higher Self- But only when we are truly ready.

Just thought I’d share this with you – This is from an email I sent a few months ago to a dear friend of mine – Break thru: Where, oh where has the real me gone??? I tried & thought I had succeeded for all these many years to bury her, yet true to form, she’s climbing out of her muck – The false illusions of all that surround her – She’s broken through & gasping for air & feeling her way around – Does she feel lost??? YES / NO – Nothing is as she knew it – Every thing has changed – Scared, NO – Wobbly, YES – Why??? I don’t really know why – I do know I don’t want to go backwards – I felt like I was dying on the inside – I used to compare my self to the song “Cathy’s Clown” about laughing on the outside & crying on the inside – Thank God that is all behind me now!!!!

wonder what is coming up next………………………….


LOVE is the energy signature of this yr of 2012 – Think LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #13

I thought I’d introduce you to “Puma” – Puma is a BIG Black Panther that has come forward to join me on my journey – One night he just showed up & he has been a big comfort knowing he’s here protecting me 24/7 – He is always sitting on my left side – Here’s our story on how we came together & why he came into my life –

It was about an hour after I had gone to bed, on this particular night – As I lay there, I began to have these visions of a BIG black cat-like animal trying to come in through the  glass doors of my patio – I kept on pushing him back out & at one point his head just came through the glass – The next thing I remember seeing, was him laying across my body – There were 2 people (whom I thought might have been my daughters, but I don’t know why) trying to pull him off but he wasn’t budging – I know that I wasn’t the least bit afraid of him – The thought that he was really large & black did cause me to ask Donavan & Jacob if he meant me any harm – If he wasn’t for my highest & best, I would have sent him packing A.S.A.P. – The way he was laying across my body, I knew instantly that he was protecting me, but from what I didn’t know at the time –                                                              As I sat down at my desk in the morning to talked to Donavan & Jacob, I noticed him laying on my left side, right next to my chair – I wanted to know why my new friend had chosen to come in at this particular time – Why was he here??? Why now??? What is his mission???                                                                                                                                                                                                  As always, Donavan & Jacob speak as one voice,  & this is what I learned that morning:
He’s a Black Panther & his name is “Puma” – He’s a new totem animal for me, for now – He’s a fierce protector – I was told “With all the clearing & healing work that you have been doing, your light is shinning brighter & brighter all the time (I do feel brighter) – I was told, “Its like when you clean the head lights on your car & they shine so much brighter, that is how we see your light” – I thanked Puma for coming in to protect me & tears began to flow – Why???  I actually feel, for the first time, cared about to the extent that “they” want to protect me vs people always seemingly wanting to send me to the lions all the time – Donavan & Jacob did not request Puma’s coming in, Puma was sent in by a Spiritual Being of a much higher level than even Jacob, to protect me – Donavan & Jacob said, “We are very glad that Puma has come in to protect you – You have grown by leaps & bounds & the higher realms have taken notice – You are a shinning star (I then saw in my mind’s eye, this gold star shooting across the sky) & they want to be sure that you are protected” –        I then asked them about their experiences working with humans – Jacob has had little interaction with humans & Donavan has had some (more than Jacob) – Neither one of them has ever incarnated & have no plans of ever doing so – They said,”We both wanted to work with you because of who you are as a human being & as a Spiritual Being” – I then asked if either one of them had ever seen some one of Puma’s stature sent in to protect the person/human they were working with – “NO, it is very unusual for the higher realms to become involved in this way, but every one is taking notice of who you are & of all your many accomplishments – Which is another reason why you need Puma’s protection –  We have never heard or witnessed this before – You are a magnificent shooting star in the night sky” – Puma has very strong energy & I can feel it on my left side as he lies on the floor next to my foot – When I asked if he would be staying very long, I heard him say “As long as I am needed – My job is to protect you for as long as I am here”- Puma is amazing & has the most wonderful, balanced energy that I’ve ever felt before. He’s Big, powerful and totally aware of who he is –                                                                                                          …………………………………………………………….

I then checked out “Black Panther” in my Animal Speak book (Ted Andrews), as I wanted to better understand the “Black Panther” & what they represent from a totem perspective Taken from Animal Speak by Ted Andrews (black Panthers)
“Reclaiming One’s True Power” – The time of coming into one’s own power – The panther is a very powerful & ancient totem – A symbol of ferocity & valor –
As with any totem, a study of the individual characteristics can provide much insight into the energies being awakened within those who align with this animal –
It reflects an ability to do  a variety of tasks as he or she wills – It is simply a matter of deciding, be it physical, mental, psychic or spiritual –
Panthers are drawn to those that are like themselves & enjoy a solitary environment –
Those who have Panther as a totem will find their greatest power in silence as goals are pursued – Revealing too much or speaking too much about pursuits can counteract some of the effectiveness –
Those with a panther totem must learn to pace their work, allowing time to rest & play –
Anyone who aligns with the panther will begin to develop greater depth of vision of their life, of events, or other people – This is more than just psychic sight. It is inner knowing –
Often people enter the metaphysical field, taking up exercises & meditation to have their inner lights turned on. Individuals with panther as totems are usually people who came into the world with their lights already “on” – (panther was not my totem when I was born, to my knowledge) – They should trust their thoughts & their inner visions (imaginings) for there is probably a strong foundation in reality (good advice for me now)
To those with whom the panther links comes the ability to develop clairaudience, to hear the communications of other dimensions & other life forms –
Those with panther totems will find their sensitivity to touch increasing, from the time the panther enters your life – Those with panther totem should pay attention to how they feel when someone touches them or when they touch someone else –
The black panther is the symbol of the feminine / the feminine energies manifest upon the earth –
The panther always brings a guardian energy to those to whom it comes –
The panther often signals a time of rebirth after a period of suffering & death on some level (all the healing work I have been doing on myself) – This implies that an “old issue” may finally be resolved or that “old longstanding wounds” will finally heal & with the healing comes  a reclaiming of one’s power that had been lost during the time of the wounding – The panther signals a time of imminent awakening –
What is awakening in the lives of those who open to the power of the panther totem, is those things of childhood & beyond that created suffering & which caused a loss of innate power & creativity  – These are about to be reawakened.confronted & transmuted ……………………………………………………………….

Did you know that our pets have Spirit Guides ???                                                                        This was new to me until the Spirit Guides of my dogs showed up one day –
They are working with both of my dogs to help them raise their vibrations –                            Even though I am bringing them into present time & into alignment with “who I am” as a Spiritual Being, apparently they needed additional help in integrating all the energies – As my vibrations increase, everything around me feels the increased vibration – Not only my pets, but my home & its furnishings , my car, my yard – As my energy vibration is increasing, it is increasingly important that I update every thing on a daily basis –
Back to what I know about their new companions, which isn’t a whole lot – I’ve just sort of let all of them hang out together – I made the comment that Puma is the only one who can handle my dogs (one is very bossy & thinks I need a lot of direction)- Puma looked at me & replied, “I’m working with you not the dogs!!!”-
The first one tells me his name is Brock & that he’s a Scottish Terrier – He’s a male & his coat is a dark grey (black with silver hairs) –
The second one wants to be called Squire (his last owner wasn’t very inventive & call him “man” – He is a Wheaten Terrier, a male & the color of wheat –                                                   Now that I think about it, both Spirit Guides are the colors of the dogs they have come in to work with – Interesting –
All 3 of us have male Spirit Guides (Puma, Brock & Squire) to offset our female energies, so that there is a balance of male & female energy in the house – Brock & Squire are here to help bring up the energies of my pets & to help my pets make any changes they need to make at this time in their lives – They(Brock & Squire) are also working on what they came here to work on for themselves in this life time –
I do know that my oldest dog incarnated now so that I could heal her – In a past life she had been accidentally stepped on by a horse & because of that the back half of her body was paralyzed – That life time has now been healed for her – My other dog is a healer in her own right, but came in with abandonment issues that she needed to work through –

just thought I’d share this…………………….

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open # 12

Now that I have introduced you to the Spiritual Beings that I now work with on a daily basis, I can now expand on the work that we are doing together –

In my last blog I mentioned the fact that we all have file clerks & files for every thought, emotion & experience we have through out our day – Even the thoughts, emotions & experiences not of our own choosing are filed away – These files are filled with the energy of each of these & it is the energy attached to these various thoughts, emotions & experiences that is being cleared out – Remember, we are made of energy as is every thing & everyone else – I had always thought of my brain as being this massive computer chock full of all sorts of information – Then to my surprise I found out that we actually do have file cabinets attached to every part of us – To our Chakras, our organs, our cells, our cell memories – They are even found in our mental body – I found this all very intriguing – The more I cleared, the more possibilities that seemed to popped up calling for me to check this out & that – It was a case of “well if this has files, then it seems only logical that this might too – I began with my chakras, then moved on to every organ in my body, the cells in my body & all my cell memories – The list can be endless – I do work at keeping up on keeping my files cleared on a daily basis – All that involves, is when something comes to mind or something happens or even when someone comes to mind, immediately check-in to see if there is a need to clear out any associated files or energies – Two seconds of your time to check in & ask will keep you energy clearer – Who doesn’t want clear energy??? When I first started working with clearing my files, the steps I used were a lot more simple – Since that time, it seems my exercises morph & become very tailored to my needs & requirements on that particular day – The one I’m sharing with you today is my newest version & the one I used today when some resistance issues came up for me to clear –

Sam, my master file clerk –                                                                                                                 “Sam, I command that you discard all files, in any of my file cabinets, anywhere in my body, including my mental body, my chakras, my cells & my cell memories NOW that are connected to …….(here is where I name the issue that I’m working on)………, in all its many forms & guises & all that it/they involved, including all judgements that I may be holding on to with regards to myself &….(here again I name the issue)…….that no longer reflect “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being – And please re-file any that have been miss-filed – You may begin Sam” – (you need to give him permission & tell him exactly what you are clearing – With out guidance on your part, he just might clear out files that you should have kept) – When you feel that your file clerk has done enough for one day (remember, there is always tomorrow) Tell him “You may stop now”
You want to immediately fill yourself with gold healing energy of the highest vibration possible –“I command that I am now filled with gold healing energy of the very highest vibration possible, from the tips of my toes up to the tip of my crown & down both my arms to the tips of my fingers, including my mental body, all the cells in my body, all cell memories, & my complete chakra system –   I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!”

I like to follow the above clearing of my files, with the clearing of any & all energies that also may be lurking around – You may do just the above, but this is my own way of doing additional clearing work – I try to cover all my bases when doing any healing work – Which is another reason why I sometimes change-up my wording to reflect that days healing requirements – When using both of these healing modalities / exercises you will be healing the same issue – For example: your heart chakra, your root chakra, your liver, your skin – I think you get the picture –
Sam, I command that you clear out ALL energies & emotional attachments NOW, whether real or imagined, that I am holding on to, any where in my body, including my mental body, my chakras, my cells & my cell memories with regards to…..( naming what it is that your healing)……, in all its many forms & guises  & all that it involves, including all judgements that I may be holding on to with regards to myself & …..( name what it is your healing)…….that no longer reflect “who I am” right now as a spiritual being –   You may begin Sam – Again, once your file clerk has done enough for one day, tell him to stop – You then want to follow-up the healing with  the following:
I command  this part of me to be healed NOW!!!     And So It Is!!!
I command that I am now filled with gold healing energy of the very highest vibration possible, from the tips of my toes up to the tip of my crown & down both my arms to the tips of my fingers, including my mental body, the cells of my body, my cell memories, & my complete chakra system –   And So It Is!!!
I command that  all 4 of my bodies, along with all the cells of my body, all cell memories, & my complete chakra system be brought into present time NOW & into complete alignment NOW with “who I am” right now as a spiritual being –  As I have mentioned before, it is so very important to always bring your pets into present time & into alignment every time your bring yourself into present time & into alignment –I command that all 4 of the bodies of (name each pet), the cells of their bodies, all their cell memories, & their complete chakra system, be brought into present time NOW & into complete alignment NOW with “who I am” right now as a spiritual being –    I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!

I like to go that extra step to be sure that I’m clearing everything that is in need of being cleared & healed on that day – So, I call on Master Donavan (whom I have introduced in a previous blog) to assist me – Our file clerk works with our physical body & our mental body, whereas Donavan works with all 4 of my bodies – So, I always follow both of the above exercises with:
Master Donavan, I command the complete purging, clearing out & healing NOW of ALL energies, whether real or imagined, from  my physical body, my mental body, my emotional body, my etheric body, the cells of my body, my cell memories & my complete chakra system, that I am holding on to that contain emotional attachments to (including any resistance or stubbornness of any kind on my part) ….(name your issue / always same as above)….., in all its many forms & guises  & all that it involves, including all judgements that I may be holding on to with regards to myself &….(name your issue / same as above)……that no longer reflect “who I am” right now as a spiritual being –  You may begin –    Again when the healing for today is complete, you must tell them to stop –
I command that this part of me is NOW healed in all four of my bodies, the cells of my body, my cell memories, & my complete chakra system –    And So It Is!!!
I command that all 4 of my bodies, the cells of my body, my cell memories, & my complete chakra system are now completely filled with gold healing energy of the very highest vibration possible –  And So It Is!!!
I command that all 4 of my bodies, the cells of my body, my cell memories, & my complete chakra system be brought into present time now   And So It Is!!!
I command that all 4 bodies of (name of pet), the cells of their bodies, all their cell memories, & their complete chakra system be brought into present time now –                                                                                                                                           I command that all 4 of my bodies, the cells of my body, my cell memories, & my complete chakra system be brought into complete alignment now with
“who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being  And So It Is!!!                                             I command that all 4 bodies of (your pet’s name), the cells of their bodies, all their cell memories, & their complete chakra system be brought into complete alignment now with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being…………I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!     

Just to give you an idea of what I have experienced as I have been working with this particular modality:  Once I began my file clearing, I noticed that I was feeling “energy” more clearly – I could really feel myself as the Spiritual Being that I am (we are all Spiritual Beings in a coat of flesh) – There have been times when working with Sam, that I have seen a janitor with a push-broom sweeping up all the files that landed on the floor – He wears a light brown one piece uniform – I have also seen a dumpster or two come in to handle the over flow of files being discarded – You may or may not see what is being thrown away – Sometimes I would see a word, sometimes it was just a lot of cardboard boxes floating away, sometimes there have been file flying all over the place , & other times I simply feel it in a certain chakra or part of my body – I forgot to mention that our emotions all carry files, so that is another avenue for people to explore – The list is endless –

With regards to my chakras: I saw “DIVORCE” In large black letters (after which I felt much lighter) – Pages that were yellow &  frayed edges & read “childhood”- I had gurgling / purring sounds upon exhaling – I once saw 2 hearts (one red / one pink with tears in them – I was divorced & then widowed) – I have felt gentile stirrings inside of me – I have felt tingling in my body – I have seen the words “anger & pain” – This is a sample of what I have experienced – You will see / feel / experience what is right for you –

My files feel much lighter once I began this work – I keep on adding more & more work to Sam’s work load – A few times I saw sweat poring from his brow, but not often –

I also have learned that if someone comes to mind, Sam needs to clear their file from me –
We can & just might be carrying the energy of people who have passed over –

Sam’s energy always feels like a golden ray of sunshine – I would like to say Sam’s work is done, but I seem to keep him mighty busy –  I’m waiting for him to ask for a ticket to Cancun so he can take a breather –

It’s important to recognizing issues (people, places & things) as they come into your awareness & to be willing to heal them & clear them immediately – I call on Sam & Donavan daily & together we work on my healing –

More fun around the corner…………………….



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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #11

I’m trying to remember to explain why I do certain aspects of my various exercises, so that people will understand why vs. just reading – Also, should people want to incorporate some of my practices, they will understand why they are following certain steps vs. following them blindly –

Yesterday I mentioned that I “interlace my bubble with deep red” energy, but I forgot to tell you why – When surrounding yourself with white energy (I’m using white here as that’s what most people use), you also want to interlace your protection with deep red – White can not catch the low vibrations that the deep red will catch & the deep red can not catch the high vibrations coming your way – By using both the white energy & the deep red energy, you will be capturing all the vibrations coming your way – You will capture both the high & low energies coming your way –
With regards to the “rubberized layer”, my theory is that anything coming my way will bounce right off & be sent back to its originator –
The “Teflon layer” came to me one day while I was working with some of my healing work – Everyone knows that nothing sticks to Teflon – I had been having  a problem with energies trying to stick to me / cling on to me, because of my great wealth of knowledge – This is not unusual, & can be a big drain on your energy – Many times entities who have their own agendas will want to attach themselves to us – My guides suggested I use a coating of Teflon as the very outside most layer –
Yes, we can command that “no one & nothing can penetrate through our layers of protection –

Energy doesn’t know time or space – To energy every thing is “in the now” – I see way too many people getting hung up on “time” – Let’s say that there are a group of people, all living in different places or have all different schedules, & they want to have a prayer circle / healing circle – Everyone gets caught up in the “Well, what time are you available??? What time will you be sending your healing???” I saw this just a week ago – They spent so much time trying to figure out what time they would all be available, that they never got around to sending their much-needed healing energy out to the person in need – We are the ones living in linear time – The Universe knows no time constraints – When we send energy out, it hooks up with all the energy from all over the planet that is also being sent out – I could send healing energy out on Sunday & a friend could send hers out on Monday, & both of ours will mix together & join in with all the energy being sent by everyone everywhere – Another thought on this subject is: let’s say you want to put up your protection around yourself – Before you can get the words out of your mouth, your protection is already in place – Energy, which we are all made of, has already acted on your intent to / your thought to (which is also energy) even before you can get the words out of your mouth –

A light exercise – Here’s a simple exercise to run light energy through your body – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart & with your arms out to the sides, & with your left palm up & right palm down – Command that you bring light energy in through your left palm & have it circulate through your body & out the right palm into the earth –

I only write about my personal experiences – So what you’re reading in any of my blogs has been experienced first hand by me –

I introduced my guides Jacob & Donavan back in blog #4 – There is sooo much more to tell you about the day Donavan came into my life that I still want to share with you – I introduced my personal record keeper Shylo in blog #9 – Now to introduce you to Sam, my file clerk – Yes we all have file clerks & they have a very important job in that they clear out all our old outdated files – Files you say – Yes, we have file cabinets attached to everything & I mean everything – These flies are attached to our chakras, our organs, our cells, every part of us that you can imagine – In these files are all of our experiences, all of our thoughts, even the ones that are directed our way (both wanted & unwanted) – They get pretty congested with all sorts of outdated information that no longer represent who you & I are “right now” – These are the 4 main Spiritual Beings that I am working with & have been working with since this past fall – At this time I’m not working with any Spirit Guides, as I have out-grown all that have come in to work with me – They all seem to have a hard time keeping up with me & all the experiences I am having as a human

The Spiritual Beings that I now work with have never incarnated – They have said that “being a human” is way too hard & way too much work – Here I thought we were all having fun – It’s sort of like going to an amusement park – There all sorts of rides (human experiences) & it’s up to us which one we want to try each day – Some we like & some we don’t like – There will always be the “ones” we have yet to try – The human experience is what we make of it – I intend to have a “blast” –

Some Spirit Guides I’ve worked with have incarnated at some time in their long journey – Yet other have no desire to incarnate in to human form – Whether they have incarnated or not, they like each of us have projects, agenda, missions on the other side that they are constantly working on – They have lessons to learn just like we do – We have contracts with each other for various learning experiences & when the contract is up they will move on – It might be that a contract will be fulfilled because they have learned what they needed to, or had all  the experiences they needed to complete a certain phase of their growth – If we feel we need or want a Spirit Guide to come in & replace the Spirit Guide that has departed, we just ask for one to come in – It’s that simple –
Always, always check to see how your energies mesh & with any new Spirit Guides – Always be sure they have “your highest & best” in mind – You will find that sometimes you won’t feel right about their energy – In that case, all you do is send them away – There is no need to tell them why, it’s your right to do so – Just ask for another one to come in – I have had the experience where they have come in with their own agenda – Yes, they have agendas too – I had one that came in all eager & wanting to work with me in the worst way – He wanted to work on shapeshifting with me – Now I know what it is, but that’s the extent of it – What I had heard about it, is hearsay & based on the Indigenous Peoples of the world – It sounded intriguing & maybe I’d learn something new, so I agreed to work with him – Well, 2 days later, I’m up at 3am & on my computer researching all the various nuances / forms of shapeshifting – Suddenly I thought this is really crazy & I sure don’t want to be doing anything at this time in the morning  other than sleeping – Later in the day I decided to question him about what had happened earlier that morning – Come to find out he wanted me to do all sorts of research on this topic FOR HIM – Shapeshifting was a project he was supposed to be working on for his advancement – Here I was doing all the work FOR HIM to advance, not one little bit of it was for my benefit – He made it sound like this fantastic opportunity for me to learn & explore something new – He hood-winked me into working for him & I let him – That is not how it works, EVER –

Some Spirit Guides come in for just a few days or a week, some stay longer (as the ones I’m working with now) – Sometimes the guides will come in thinking that what they will be working on with you sounds like fun, or it’s a new experience for them – Then a few days later they decide that it was not the experience they thought it would be or it was too much work (some of them can be on the lazy side) – Or as I have experienced, they are all gung-ho to begin with & then they start slacking off – Then it is time to change them out & bring in someone who is more inline with your needs/wants/desires – Never settle for less than the very best, you’re worth it –
I always require that any Spirit who wishes to work with me must be “100% pure Love & Light”, and must have only “my highest & best” in mind – Anyone else need not apply!!!

Now to introduce Sam:
Sam came into my life last fall – I had never worked with a file clerk before & had only vaguely heard of them – So this was all new for me – Now we work together all the time – We all have file clerks – We also all have file cabinets attached to every chakra, every organ, every cell, even our DNA – They are found in both our physical body & our mental body – They hold all our experiences, our thoughts, everything – This where we file all of it – All the thoughts, words, emotions, experiences, whether of my own doing or those unwanted ones sent my way – There are also times when files (like all files) get miss-filed – Our file clerk, upon being asked, will come in & go through the file drawers & discard any files that no longer reflect who you are NOW & throws them into the center of the earth – they will also refile any files that were filed in the wrong spot – I asked mine if he would clean my house, but got a NO – Hey, it was worth a try – One way to become accustomed to working with your file clerk is to have them clear your chakras first (this is where I started with Sam) – When you have called in your file clerk, you may ask him to go into your chakras & see if there is any thing that might be miss-filed – He will pull these out & file them where they belong – Let’s say that there is an experience filed in your 3rd chakra & it belongs in your 2nd chakra – Your file clerk will refile the experience in its proper file – Say you wake up & you feel some thing’s not quite right with your 6th chakra – Maybe it feels a little out-of-place – You can call in your file clerk  & ask him to look into your chakra & see what might be in need of clearing – Then just sit there & be aware of what’s going on – It’s amazing to watch the process & see all the miss-filed & out of date file we carry around – You will become more aware of your  chakras by doing this work –

Now for Sam – When I requested a file clerk to come in & work with me, Sam came in – He has sun bleached short hair/white t-shirt/very muscular/tan/very blue eyes/white smile/very cute – I felt him first, before I actually saw him as his energy was very noticeable – That impressed me right off – We both agreed that we wanted to work together – Then I needed to decide which chakra I wanted him to work on first – I decided the 3rd chakra was a good place for him to start, so I  ask him to investigate that chakra first – This was the intent that I used that very first day “I give you permission to find any thing that no longer applies to who I am right now & to refile anything that has been miss-filed – Then just relax your body & take notice of anything happening – For me there were papers flying all over the place – At that time I couldn’t  see what any of them were, just that seemed to be a lot of papers flying all over the place – Just let them go  – What does it feel like ??? Are you feeling any emotions??? That first time I felt a churning feeling in that chakra – If the work that’s being done is too strong/powerful for you,  can always ask them to stop – Always thank him – Now what do you notice in that chakra area??? For me, it felt a lot more empty – I then noticed that it felt like the 1st & 2nd chakras now needed work – I asked my body how it felt to have Sam working on my chakras – My body was very happy with all that Sam had done that day –
Don’t let your file clerk go over board – You only want him to discard all the out dated files or any files that are filed wrong – I felt much better & felt as if I had gotten rid of  some of the burdens I had been carrying around with me – Don’t forget to fill your physical body with gold healing energy –
I have since refined the wording of my intent & Sam & I have gone a long way & done a lot of work since this first day – I will be sharing all of that in follow-up blogs

Can’t wait to share even more with you……………………………

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #10

We are pure “love & light, & perfect in every way” to those we work with from the other side – That’s how our guides see us –

My guides wanted me to put this in yesterday’s blog, but I held this over until today:
The fact that we see ourselves as “imperfect” is 3d thinking / 3d conditioning which began when we were small children – Our parents, teachers, peers, ect., well-meaning as they were, were doing the best they could given the tools & skills that they had learned from their parents & teachers – Who in turn did the best they could with what they had been taught, conditioned to do – We all learn throughout our up bringing, from generation to generation – In some cases we learn lessons that we ourselves want to pass on to our children – In other cases we are taught the lesson that we know we don’t want our children learning –
We all learn from those we view as being authority figures in our life – If, as a young child, someone tells us we are not smart enough, not pretty enough, ect, these words not only hurt, but they stick with us – Thus the seeds of not being good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, or as our egoic mind likes to tell us, we are “imperfect” in a world where the culture is such that it values being perfect as the standard we must all strive for – The seeds have  been planted very early in our young lives – They are watered & nourished, by our parents, our teachers, our peers, & yes, even by our own beliefs – And for some reason they are like weeds in your garden, very hard to get rid of – Because our parents are our biggest influence in our lives from the time of our birth, more than likely it is this mold that needs to be fixed – We need to implement the mind-set to be a better parent than our parents were (or boss, or whomever it is that influenced your way of feeling about yourself in a negative way) – For me, it was most of the people I came in contact with throughout my life – Yet I also know, that to one degree or another, I brought this in as a learning tool to make me stronger as a person (builds character I’m told) & as the Spiritual Being that I am – Things are never accidental – Most of our life experiences (if not all) we wrote into our mission statement before we came here – As for me, I do know that I was a better parent than mine were, even though I was a single parent – I know my children are better than I was, for which I am very grateful – We need each generation to chip away at those antiquated beliefs that we are “imperfect” – Would our Creator create something in his likeness that was “imperfect” in any way???
I mentioned, yesterday, that it is really important that we balance our male / female energies – A few more thoughts that I didn’t have time to mention: It is very important from a vibration standpoint to balance ourselves as well as our pets – Our pets are basically humans with 4 legs – After all, they are susceptible to every disease known to mankind – From cancer to cataracts, from kidney failure to heart disease – I have 2 dogs, 2 cats & 2 birds & they all get along beautifully with each other – Our pets all have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body & an etheric body the same as we do – They have chakra systems, chi & auras, along with highly developed brains that process thoughts & problems just as we do – My dogs are shelter dogs & my cats were being given away “free” as the owner didn’t want them – One of my dogs incarnated with abandonment issues that she brought in to heal this time around – These issues are buried deep down in her core & as of now she is not yet ready to release them & heal them – She is using pictures or flash backs to heal herself from the abandonment issue, & for my part I shower her with tons of love – My other dog came into heal a past life where she had been stepped on by a horse – This we have healed – So, as I mentioned before, a lot of my energy work will also be directed at my pets – Our pets are no different then we are, as they come in with missions & with issues that need to be cleared & healed too –

You will notice that I fill myself with quite often “gold healing energy of the very highest vibration, from the tips of my toes, up to the tip of my crown & down both arms to the tips of my fingers” – This should be done every time you do any clearing or healing within your body – As we clear-out energy, there is a hole / an empty space that the energy had occupied – This needs to be filled as soon as possible or some other energy will jump in & take over the vacated spot – Then you will be left to clear & heal some additional unwanted energies –

I was guided by my guides to post the following while I was still in bed this morning – They think I’m fair game, any time after 3am, to start sending me information – Seeing as I don’t want to get up at that hour & my babies (my pets) are still sleeping, I keep a pad of paper & a pen by my bed – I even attached one of those book lights to the pad of paper so I could see what I’m jotting down –

Prime Creator, my Monad, my Soul Self, my Higher Self, Master Donavan, Master Jacob, St Germain & Mother Mary: the Violet Flame of Transmutation is now burning brightly within me, clearing, healing & transmuting all that is within me that is not for my highest & best, on all levels & in all directions of time & space, past, present & future  –        And So It Is !!!           
I command that the Violet Flame of Transmutation burn continually, clearing, healing & transmuting all that is in need of healing at this time – 24/7, day & night, night & day from this moment forward from now until forever           And So It Is!!!                                                                                                          I command that the Violet Flame is now flowing through me with each breath that I take  – 24/7, day & night, night & day from this moment forward for now & forever –             And So It Is!!!     
I command that there are now  thick, thick layers of Bright Green energy, that of a Healer, surrounding my Spiritual Being  /  On top of that, is a thick, thick layer of Yellow Gold energy, that of Wisdom, surrounding my Spiritual Being  /  On top of that, is a thick, thick layer of  Indigo Blue energy, that of Honesty & Truth, surrounding my Spiritual Being  /  On top of that, is a thick, thick layer of  Rose-Pink energy, that of my unconditional Love, surrounding my Spiritual Being  –     And So It Is!!!                                                                                   I command that each of these layers of energy is of the very, very highest vibration possible at this time, & that they are each now in complete alignment with the vibrational requirements of my Spiritual Being at this time –        I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!  
I command that I now completely encapsulate my physical body, my mental body, my emotional body & my etheric body in a bubble of ultra, ultra brilliant white energy of Divine protection & that it is of the highest vibration possible – It is laced with deep red (for extra protection) & covered with a thick, thick layer of rubberized material (for additional protection) I also command that there is a coating of Teflon covering the rubberized layer (for additional protection) –                                                                                                               I command that nothing & no one is able to penetrate through my bubble of Divine protection –      I command that this is so, And So It Is !!! 

With my pets, I surround each of them with thick, thick layers of yellow gold energy of the very highest vibration possible – I follow this with a thick, thick layer of Rose-Pink energy of the very highest vibration possible – I then encapsulate each of them in bubbles of Golden-White energy of Divine protection, of the very highest vibration possible – Their bubbles are also interlaced with deep red energy, covered with a thick layer of rubberized material & a coating of teflon – I also command that nothing & no one is able to penetrate their layers of protection –                                                                                I command that this is so, And So It Is !!!                                                                            (I also follow these same steps in protecting my car & my home)

This is for Gaia:
Prime Creator, my Monad, my Soul Self, my Higher Self, Master Donavan, Master Jacob, St Germain & Mother Mary: I ask that you NOW send forth the most intensified frequency of the Violet Flame that Gaia is capable of receiving at this time –   

And So It Is !!!        
I command that the Violet Flame of Transmutation is now burning brightly within her, clearing, healing & transmuting  all within her that is not for her highest & best, on all levels & in all directions of time & space, past, present & future –        
I command that the Violet Flame of Transmutation burn continually, clearing, healing & transmuting all that is in need of healing within her –  24/7, day & night, night & day from this moment forward for now & forever   And So It Is !!!                                                                                                                                   I command that there are now thick, thick layers of energy in every color of the rainbow surrounding Mother Earth – I command that these layers of energy are of the very highest vibration possible, & that they are each in alignment with the vibrational requirements of Gaia at this time –      
I command that all 4 of Gaia’s bodies (her earthly body, her emotional body, her mental body & her etheric body) be brought into present time now –    
I command that all 4 of Gaia’s bodies (her earthly body, her emotional body, her mental body & her etheric body)are now completely encapsulated in a bubble of golden white energy of Divine protection & of the highest vibration possible –  I command that this bubble is interlaced with deep red & covered with a thick layer of rubberized material & is covered with a layer of teflon – I command  that NO one & nothing can penetrate Gaia’s layers of protection –       And So It Is !!!                                                                                                                               (you will notice that I use a different color vibration for my pets, home & car, & for Gaia – The reason for this is that our pets, our home, our yard, ect all need to vibrate at an energy level just below us so as to be compatible with us   **************************************

In the following I use a “Pink Rose” as these are what I send out energetically to those in need – You can use any color of your choosing – I will look at my rose, feel it, even smell it –

Pink Rose of protection
I command that there is now a Pink Rose of protection, directly in front of me,on the front boundary of my aura that is surrounding my Spiritual Being – This Pink Rose is as tall & as wide as my Spiritual Being –
I command that I am now completely protected from other people’s energy –
I command  that this Pink rose stay in place continually protecting me at all times, 24/7, day & night, night & day from this moment forward for now & forever –        I command that all of this is so, And So It Is !!!

Always remember, the only truism of this existence of ours is LOVE                                     Love is in every thing & is every thing – WE ARE LOVE!!!

until next time…………………..

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #9

I have sooo much to get out & for people to hear – My blogs, for the most part,will be guided by what “my guides” deem is important for me to get out on that day – So if my blogs don’t seem to follow any particular outline or theme, you’ll know why – I will admit I have been dragging my feet with regards to writing my blog – Time is my biggest excuse & because it has been my excuse, my guides have seen to it that I have more time now – There have always been things I’d rather be doing than sitting here typing – What I used to think was important “stuff” on my path, they didn’t seem to agree with me with regards  a lot of it – It has been duly pointed out to me that I am a very powerful healer & wisdom keeper & it’s time I owned it – Actually, my guides are my number #1 cheering section – They like to remind me of these things, which is good – We all have our own cheering section, we just need to listen to them – They remind me that I am in control of who I am, where I’m going & of where my destiny will lead me – People know how strong (although it’s usually referred to as being stubborn, determined, persistent, & I’m sure a few other names) – I know “I can KICK butt” if I’m called on to do so – I look at it as having been unleashed – I have become so much more alive, expansive & enlightened – I spent most of this life as if I had been trying to stuff an elephant into a small box & suddenly I have broken free, been given my freedom – BOY, does it feel good !!!

This morning, for the first time I admitted to being stubborn & resistant to doing this work, & YES, I surrendered into the fact – Actually I’m surprised my guides didn’t fall out of the sky with that – They have been on my case  to write a blog (actually they want me to write a book & I said that they should be happy I’m doing my blog) for the longest time – As I have admitted to, I can be pretty stubborn – But I admit (there goes another admission – I’d better be careful or I may not recognize myself in the mirror next time I look) they held out longer than I did – Actually, I’m still trying to figure out “how” I am going to get all that I “know” out & on to this blog – We (my guides & I) are still having a small tug-of-war over some things –  I deem my morning invocation / energy work as being of great importance, at least to me – This is probably 3d thinking on my part vs their ability to see a much larger picture & what they deem important to the larger picture – After my admitting to them that they are right, that I am stubborn & very capable of digging my heels in & resisting – They then told me that it is my stubbornness, resistance & tenacity that have allowed me to survive & grow though the “speed bumps” of life, & I have had more than my fair share – But enough about that stuff & on to what I need to share with humanity –

Did you know we each have our own “record keeper”??? This Being is responsible for our personal records that are recorded in the “akashic records” – I first met mine about a year ago – His name is Shylo – He actually just showed up one day – I had built some fairy gardens out in my yard & under some trees – Shylo is a male & usually comes forward when a major updating of our records is needed – But, since Christmas, I have been asking him to step forward & update me daily – My spiritual growth & the spiritual growth of each & every one of us has taken off like a wild-fire – So to keep up with my growth, I call him in once a day – Is it necessary to call him in ??? NO, but then why not??? Even if it was only weekly, I believe I’m worth his trip in – The day he came in, it was because he wanted an up close & personal look at what I had been accomplishing & how very much I had grown as a spirit – I’ll describe him to you (now remember this just happens to be the way he decided to show himself to me) – He’s a young male, about 5’10” tall, thin with light brown/blond hair & beautiful blue eyes – In his right hand he carries a small circle, that is best described as looking like one of our quarters & it has raised edges – As he is facing me, he holds up his right hand & in less than a nano-second he’s off – He holds his left hand over the device to protect the information he has just gathered, & off he goes – He’s so fast, you don’t even know he’s been here & gone already – When he get back “home” all he does is place his palm facing the records & the records just grabs all the information from the small disk – It is awesome!!!

Anyway, on to today’ insights & exercises:

Protection: I’m not really going into it today with regards to my practice, but my guides wanted me to bring this forward for now – What most people don’t realize is that when we put up our bubble of “protection” around us, the maximum time that we are protected is 12 hours – And, that’s if you live in a cave on a deserted island some where – We need to put our bubble of “protection” up every so often through out the day, & especially if you work with the public or in a work environment where you are going to be picking up other out-of-balance energies – Other people’s thoughts, words, deeds & actions just love to glam on to those of us on a spiritual path – I have been known to refer to them as leeches grabbing on to you & they don’t want to let go – I put my bubble up as my feet are hitting the floor in the morning, & if at some point during the day I feel I could extra protection – I also put my bubble up right before I go to bed at night – I will even take the time to put my bubble in place during the night, if for some reason I wake up at night – We all astral travel at night & I’d rather play it safe & put my bubble up – Astral travel can account for the fact that you may have gotten your required hours of sleep, yet you awake tired – I used to have punch cards that would be punched every time I went out – I had filled those, so they decided to give me frequent flier miles instead – Now, where am I supposed to use those??? When I put up my bubble, I also put protection around each of my pets – I will put it around my car & my home as I’m backing out of the driveway – Actually I do myself, my pets, my car & my home at night to – Never know who might want to come visit us at night – Yes we do have visitors to, but they  are usually only here to observe us & they leave quickly –

The following exercise is the one I do first thing each day –                                                         It can be done in the shower, in your car, anywhere – The Universe doesn’t care where you are when you intend the following, as you are opening yourself up to receive all the blessings that the Universe has for you:                                                                                           Universe, Prime Creator, my Monad, my Soul Self, my Higher Self, Master Healer Donavan & Master Teacher Jacob: I am ready, open & receptive to receive all the gifts, abundance, miracles & blessings that the “Universe & each of YOU” are sending my way today & every day  – Knowing full well that the Universe & each of you love me & are here to take care of me – I send my Love, my gratitude & my thanks to the Universe & to each of you, I Thank You!!!                  I command that this is so, And So It Is!!!
Our Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies need to be in balance with each other for our well-being – You will notice that I also balance my pets male / female energies :
I command that my Divine feminine energies now recognize my Divine masculine energies, & that my Divine masculine energies now recognize my Divine feminine energies – I command that both my Divine Feminine energies & my Divine masculine energies are now resonating at the same vibrational frequency – I command that both my Divine Feminine energies & my Divine masculine energies be brought into present time NOW & that they are both brought into complete alignment now with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being & that they are now working together harmoniously for MY Highest & Best – 24/7, day/night        I command that this is so, And So It Is !!!

I command that both the female & male energies of (here I name each pet by name) now recognise each other & that both their female & male energies are now resonating at the same vibrational level so that they too are now brought into present time & that their bodies are now brought into complete alignment now with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being –     I command that this is so, And So It Is !!!                                                                                           ***************************************

Have you ever wanted to feel how really powerful you are as a spirit??? This is what I do when ever I want to know my own energy & to feel my own energy – It can also be used as a great energy booster – Just say or think the following:                                                               I command that my vibrational energy is now turned on –                                           My energy is really powerful, really big, really wide & expansive – It blows me away with its power – it’s color??? Glittery –


Because I am becoming more & more powerful all the time, I have become a beacon for energies that I am drawing to me , either out of curiosity or they just want some of my energy – It has become more important than ever that I constantly protect myself — I used to be more nonchalant about it – if I did it, I did it, sometimes I would forget or only do ½ a job – Now I have learned that in my case anyway, I have to be vigilant about it – For me, there is never too much protection –


Do both sides of your body talk to each other??? Mine never use to & sometimes they don’t now & I have to remind them that talking is good for both of them – So to bring everything into present time –
I command that both sides of my body be brought into complete harmony & into complete alignment with each other NOW – And So It Is !!!
I command that both sides of my body now recognize each other & are now communicating with each other at all times  – And So It Is !!!
I command that my body, from my toes up to my crown & down both of my arms to my finger tips, including all the cells of my body, be brought into present time now & that my body, along with all the cells of my body,  be brought into complete alignment now with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being   And So It Is !!!
I command that my complete chakra system (both my physical chakras & my spiritual chakras) / my internal & external chi & my aura be brought into present time now, &    that each one be brought into complete alignment now with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being   And So It Is !!!
I command that all root causes/core issues involving any out of balance within me physically, mentally or emotionally, including the cells of my body be brought into present time so that they may be healed, NOW!!!    And So It Is !!!
I now infuse ALL OF ME, physically, mentally, emotionally,& spiritually (this includes all the cells in my body) with unconditional Love, Light, Joy, Happiness, Peace & Healing 24/7, day/night  I command that all of this is so, And So It Is !!!
For my pets (don’t forget your buddies)***I command that (name) complete physical body including all the cells of her body, her complete chakra system, her chi & her aura, along with all root causes & core issues that (name) has with regards to the healing & balancing of (if you know what your pet needs healed, this is where I would state that) & all other core issues that (name) came here to heal, be brought into present time NOW & that (name) now be brought into complete alignment with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being – And So It Is!!!
I do this with each pet separately as they all have their own issues just like we do)

I command that (name or names) body’s are100% healthy, this includes all the cells in their bodies & all their cell memories, at all times 24/7, day/night    thanks to the solstice energies of 12/21/11 & the full moon energies of 2/07/12    I command that all of this is so, And So It Is !!!

My guides gave me more to talk about, but I think I’d better hold the rest off until tomorrow…………………………

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #8

This morning, as I was working with my invocation work & my healing work, “my guides” came in for what I’m calling a little chat – Being Valentine’s Day, it was all about our showing our love to ourselves & to others – So this is what they had to say: “Why do you humans put so much emphasis on one day out of the whole year to celebrate & show your love for one another??? Why do you need card companies & flower shops to express the love that you carry in your hearts all year-long??? Is it not better to tell someone, all the someone’s in your life, that you love them each & every day throughout the year??? Your thoughts, your words & your deeds all carry the vibration of LOVE, do they not??? Why do humans pay someone else to express this love??? This love that has been given to you so freely by your Creator – It was never meant to be to be bought or sold – It’s not a commodity to be traded at will – Love has been given to you freely to be passed on freely (re-gifted if you will) with no strings attached” –  To be filled with love, to give your love or to receive love is the greatest gift in the world – It is a gift that is so very special – It is a magnificent gift given to you by your Divine Creator & it is to be shared – Love heals everything, it can heal your heart, your mind, your body, everyone you come in contact with – The energy of love is in everything & is everything – Love created all of life & sustains all of life – It’s love that will carry us along our journey in life – It is here to support us & to help us expand our horizons into a higher expression of love –                                        The energy coming in with this message was very powerful & very loving at the same time – My guides asked that I just sit in the energy & enjoy it – I felt it surround me as if it was a cocoon wrapped completely around me – It was pure unconditional love & I could feel it penetrate into all the cells of my body – HEAVEN!!! I found it so very uplifting –


ASCENSION SYMPTOMS –                                                                                                          KNOW IT OR NOT, WE ARE ALL EXPERIENCING THEM                                              This was sent to me some time ago & I think I have experienced every one of the following  in the past few months – Are you feeling any of these???

A time of great change is upon this planet and it is not just we humans who are changing, but all life forms on Earth. The fish, the flowers and trees, the birds, the insects, even your pet dog or cat. Everything is changing, for we are all moving together into a new state of being.

This new state of being is calling us all to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared as we learn to let go of our old ways of thinking and processing information. Tuning into our intuition and following our hearts lead is new territory for many of us. We have been conditioned to analyze things, look to others for knowledge, and listen to figures of authority before we proceed. Little do we realize that we already have the wisdom that we need to continue on this amazing journey…it resides in each and every
one of us. We must learn how to become familiar with that still small voice.

It seems not surprising then, that there is a great deal of anxiety and fear being felt as these changes are already underway, even though most people are not consciously aware of them. At this writing, the changes to our physiological makeup are currently speeding up and there are many temporary physical symptoms that are occurring in our bodies as a consequence of this.

Some of these are:
– Flu-like symptoms – high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc., that which do not respond to antibiotics.
– Migraine headaches – severe pain that is not relieved with pain killers, OR, head pressure, feeling like your head has been put in a vise.
– Occasional diarrhea, often accompanied by feelings of nausea. Sometimes the nausea is a stand alone feeling as well.
– Occasional runny nose – with sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hay fever. In my case these sneezes seem more like volcanic eruptions! Ah ah chooooooooo!
– Dizziness and feelings of light-headedness. Feeling like you might faint.
– Ringing in the ears, sometimes for days at a time.
– Heart palpitations. Some say it feels as if the heart is going to jump out of the chest.
– Feeling the whole body vibrate – especially at night when one is in a relaxed state.
– Intense muscle spasms – plus pain in the body, often the back and legs.
– Tingling – in arms, hands, legs or feet.
– Loss of muscular power – in hands, caused by changes in circulation system.
– Occasional breathing difficulties – and/or noticing stronger or louder breathing when in a relaxed state. I also notice this in my pets.
– Immune system changes
– Lymphatic system changes
– Feeling tired – or exhausted from minor exertion, or for no apparent reason. It’s like, ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ just came down upon your head!
– Wanting to sleep – longer and more often than you’re accustomed to.
– Toe nails, fingernails and hair growing quicker than normal.
– Bouts of depression for no real reason; crying at the drop of a hat.
– Delving into the past — and looking at relationships, gaining clarity on personal issues; much of this also seems to be happening in the dream state.
– Feeling of a huge purge; also likened to letting go.
– Tension, anxiety and high stress levels — because one feels that something is going on but not knowing what it is.

Some of these symptoms are being felt by a great many people. Myself included! My most noticeable symptoms right now are: itching eyes, skin rashes on hands and upper torso, and feelings of bloat which I refer to as, Buddha belly! (this is what the author is feeling / seeing)
Remember, these symptoms are just temporary and simply indicate that these physiological changes are occurring. You are just changing …We are changing, and at a faster pace than ever before! The best thing you can do is stay informed, practice meditation, connect to source as often as you can, talk to a trusted friend, and relax as best you can, so you are able to enjoy the ride.

All animals are Spiritual Beings & as such need to be updated (brought into present time) every time you update yourself throughout the day – We are growing as Spiritual Beings throughout the day – If your pets are not brought in line with you, they may become confused and / or frightened that your moving up without them – Yes, our pets have these thoughts / beliefs – They also, like us humans, come in with missions to complete, in need of clearing & healing – They are actually more attuned to energy than most people are – We’ve all seen birds take flight when a storm is headed our way, or a pet hide under the bed during a storm – They are so tuned in to energy, that when the energy in their environment changes, they are the first to feel it –

Another reason for you to keep your pets, your rooms, your bed, your car, ect in present time is that if they are vibrating at a lower vibration than you are, they can drag your energy down – Then you wonder why am I so tired??? Why don’t I have any energy??? Let’s say you vibrate at a level of 8, but your pets or your bed, or your car are vibrating at only a 4 – They can drag your vibration down to a 6, or even lower depending on how many things you are in connect with on a daily basis – I think you get the picture – I personally bring my pets into present time & into complete alignment with “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being – I also bring my yard. my rooms, my car, ect into present time & into complete alignment with me –

If bringing your surroundings into present time or into complete alignment on a daily basis is too much for you, at least do the rooms that you live in the most – These would include your bedroom, your office, your kitchen, your family room & your car – The others can be done at least once a week – You don’t need to be in the room, ect. to clear it or to update it – It can be done on your way to work, on your break, any where – All you need is the intent to do so, & picture what ever it is you wish to update in your mind – You do not need to be in a meditative state, this is where too many people get caught up – When this happens, people avoid doing the energy work that they should be doing – They have been told or lead to believe this work can only be done, & done correctly if you are in a meditative state – “WRONG” it’s your intent that counts –

Each New Moon, each Full Moon, each Equinox & Solstice brings additional energies in – Each new energy coming in layers one on top of the other, & they each reinforce each other – Then we have all the Sun Spot activity, & solar flares, & all sorts of other energies coming in from the Universe – And some people wonder why they can’t concentrate, can’t sleep or are out of sorts, ect, ect – My hope is that enough people will awaken sooner vs later, & realize how much is available to them, to help them weather all that lays ahead of us –

I also use the decrees of the Violet Flame on a daily basis – I have posted the ones that are my favorites & the ones I use on a previous blog (A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #1) – As far as my invocations, my clearing, & healing work, I will be posting these as individual posts from now on – I will be bringing in different aspects of clearing & healing as I go along – I will also share what I do when grounding myself, my pets, my house, my car & even my yard – I will also share with you how to update yourself & your surroundings – I’ve devoted full blogs to these in the past, but my guides are telling me that it is soooo important that people realize that with all that is going on around us energetically, you need to pay attention to staying grounded, to stay on top of your clearing & healing, & to update yourself & your surroundings on daily – It’s to keep your energy vibration up so that your physical body can handle & integrate all these energies that are now flowing onto planet earth –

what’s coming next…………………..
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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #7

I’m posting a newsletter that I received from John Holland – I believe that his message is one that needs to be shared – As John so beautifully states, we are not a body with a soul but a soul occupying a human body – I like to think that my body is a vehicle of flesh that I am borrowing for this particular incarnation, sort of like a rental car that we are using for as long as we need to – We are not our bodies, our jobs, our homes, our car, our bank account, we are a soul first & foremost – A very beautiful soul who has lent its self to this life experience

Most people know that when we say an intent, we should always state the intention as if we already have benefited & received it – We use the words “I am” or “I have” because the Universe will always grant us what we ask for – We’ve all heard the term “be carefull what you ask for because you just might get it” –  Did you ever stop to think that the same applies every time you say things such as “boy am I tired” or boy do I have a headache” or “boy my back is killing me”- You are telling the Universe “I am” & “I have” – The Universe hears the “I am” & gives you more believing that’s what you are asking for – What I say instead is, “this body has….. or this body is……..” – In this way you are not owning what ever it is that is affecting your body & it is out side of you –

Here is John’s message –

Are You Living as a Soul?

If you want to tap in to the power of the soul and live a life of purpose, passion and unlimited potential, then firstly you have to remember that you are a soul. I find it ironic that although we come from a place of divine source and inspiration, so many of us spend the majority of our lives trying to find it again! Always remember: You are a soul that comes with a body – not a body that comes with a soul. You are a soul first. When you acknowledge that you are a soul and not purely just a physical body, then believe me when I tell you that there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

When you begin living and viewing the world from a soul level, you’ll start to understand the nature and workings of the expansive “spiritual power” of the soul. You’ll gain a higher perspective and a deeper understanding of your life purpose, the nature of the world, and your fellow mankind.

I believe part of my purpose here is to teach you how to understand the soul, how to use and trust your soul’s sense of intuition, and to appreciate that the power and energy of love is vital to your soul’s well-being. As you tap into this amazing source, you’ll learn how to heal yourself as well as others, and find the tools to break free from the limitations of the past, so that your soul can continue to expand and above all evolve.

Your journey certainly doesn’t stop when you read your first spiritual book, or if you’ve signed up for a yoga or meditation class … for in reality, it’s only just begun.

As we’re all uniquely different, our spiritual practices and daily habits reflect that individualism, as ultimately when we learn to connect and embrace our soul, it’s a highly personal and private pursuit. Yes, I acknowledge that many people relate their spirituality to God, but to truly become one with the universe, then I believe it can only start from within. True peace ultimately comes from within, and not from the more materialistic outside world.

As you read this edition of Soul Inspirations, this is your chance to take the responsibility of owning your power, and to start living a life as the Divine Soul that you are. I don’t want to hear you saying: “I’ll start tomorrow or the next day.” I don’t want to hear you saying to yourself: “I’ll do it when I have time.” Today is the day! Now is the moment!

Once you realize that you can access this phenomenal internal database that we call wisdom anytime you wish, it becomes an empowering motivator to start living the life you were meant to live.

So start practicing a daily routine today. Once you get into the habit, you’ll find that it reaffirms your personal connection, and enables you to live a life of compassion and forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation for others and nature, and exploring the unlimited potential that’s ahead of you. Above all, by practicing such spiritual practices, it often encourages a healthier way of living for the body, the mind, and the soul.

John’s Lesson

A great way to start living as a “soul” is by acknowledging and repeating: “I am a soul.” When you say these words, your soul resonates with what you’re expressing, and your consciousness expands even more.

It’s a constant process of reminding yourself, as there will be times throughout your lifetime when for any number of reasons, you may unconsciously pull away from your soul. So, through the constant process of reminding yourself that you are more than this physical being, it will bring you back to your souls awareness. You will feel the affect as you make that connection.

It’s important to remember, that regardless of the image we project outwardly, it’s actually our inner selves that generate the responses, inspire such tender emotions, and forge those life-long connections.

I find it helpful when I have a tough decision or if I feel confused what direction I am suppose to take, to pause and ask: “What does my soul want me to do? What does my soul need at this time?”

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you always have the freedom of choice to begin living a spiritual life, to start living from the soul. You may be saying: “But I really wasn’t nice to people,” or “I’ve lived such a bad life.” Whether you’ve lived a life of a tyrant or an angel, you’re still and always will be a soul.

When we focus on what lies within, rather than what’s on the outside, then we become more aware of the forces that draw us together – the power of the soul.

As a soul, you have a piece of God, the Divine Source inside you at all times. It’s a package deal. As you’re human, you have a soul and as a soul, you have all the power that goes with it. It doesn’t discriminate, exclude, or condemn and no matter how much you may ignore it —or at time abandon it—your soul will never leave you.

All it asks is that you turn to it, to be open and receptive to its divine wisdom, as it only wants what’s best for you and your highest good.

Live a Soul-filled life!

For more information about John Holland – Psychic Medium visit www.JohnHolland.com

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #6

The following is from Neale Donald Walsh & is something that I believe everyone needs to   be reminded of from time to time –

…that you are a pure child of God, beautiful in your innocence — and
That this is true no matter what you may have done.

There is no offense you could ever commit that can rob you of your
magnificence, or of the wonder of who you are. Yet who
among us hasn’t fallen from the path, betrayed another, acted
unwisely, fallen prey to temptation, given in to a craving or addiction?
All of us are human. And in God’s eyes that makes us perfect.
Really. Just the way we are. Like 3-year-olds, looking anxiously
up at some elder, wondering with quivering lips whether we’ll get
a spanking for breaking the rules…
The 3-year-old is beautiful in her innocence. He is pure as snow,
and there is simply something that has not been totally understood,
or fully integrated into behavior yet. It’s okay. We don’t mean to
be “bad.” And in truth, we aren’t. Not a one of us.
We’re simply, sometimes, mistaken. And God loves us anyway.
Immensely. Completely. Eternally.
Just   as    we    are.
Oh, and by the way, …you already know
the reason that this particular reminder came to you today..
.Neale Donald Walsh

I’m always asking “What’s my next step??? I’ve done a lot of clearing of old energies, old emotional attachments, old restrictions that no longer reflect “who I am” right now as a Spiritual Being – I’ve healed & cleared & healed & cleared, now what???”
My guides are telling me: “It’s time for you to start blogging again – You have been finding excuses to avoid getting your voice out there”-

As a soul, I decided to pose the question: “As a Soul, what do I want to do ???”
As I sat there, with my eyes closed, over my left shoulder appeared a very light, super light grey mantle – It comes down over my left shoulder as if there was a cap over my left arm – It’s about 12” wide & comes down & stops about 2” below & in front of my left knee & about 8” below the back of my knees – I asked “Why is this mantel draped over my shoulder???”  I didn’t remember having ever seeing it before – I’m told that: “It is because you have “grown” in your stature as a Spiritual Being – You have been through so much growth & learning that you have now become a “teacher” (not a master teacher, but a teacher) – This mantle represents the “authority” that you have acquired – Now you can teach other spirits & help them to learn & grow into their full potential” – As I looked closer at the mantel draped over my shoulder, I noticed that there was a clasp where my shoulder meets my arm – There is what appears to be a pin of some sorts holding the mantle to my garment – It is a Sapphire blue crystal surrounded with gold – The mantle is draped very neatly over my shoulder – The cloth is “silk” & a white platinum in color –       I decide to tune into the mantle & resonate with its color (the white platinum color) – All that I needed to do was to vibrationally tune in to the white platinum energy (which was easy for me to do as I already resonate to this color) –
What do I see, what am I feeling, what do I sense around me ??? I see self standing with a big crowd around me, but maybe 20 feet from me, yet surrounding me -I don’t seem to be able to make any of them out – They seem so monotone, as if blending into one another – As I continue to scan this very large crowd that had gathered, there seems to be one figure that is now standing out a bit more than the others – I ask: “Are  you a guide???” The reply I received was, “No” – I ask: “Well then, why are you here???” He is a male & is dressed as a Roman soldier ( he is holding a shield & a sword, on his head is a metal covering like the ones I have seen Roman soldiers wear, he is wearing a breast plate, a red skirt & sandals – I ask him: “What is your intent for being here???”  He’s the only one who seems to be standing out & eager to make contact with me – I realize now that he’s the chariot driver who ran me over & left me for dead so many life times ago – I had forgiven him & I had released him for what had transpired that fateful day – I had to forgive him & myself, & to release both of us – It was necessary so that both of us could get on with our life missions – There was a BIG yes that came from him, & you could see & feel the gratitude that he had for me with regards to this one gesture on my part – It’s as if he feels it through out his whole body – By my forgiving him & releasing him, I was also healing my self & him at the same time – These were my first thoughts  even before He & I began to talk about it – I just felt that he wanted to say thank you – I now ask him to step back & ask if there are any other being that would like to show themselves & step forward -I once again scan the crowd to notice who might want to step forward – I see 2 that are dressed as if they lived in Athens Greece -They have dark hair that is pinned up – They are wearing cream white dresses with a gold design at neck, & a gold rope at a high waist – I see what appears to be  a marble looking palace – I’m told that in one of my many incarnations I had lived there – I was a member of the kings family & I see a very refined picture of myself – There’s a reason the mantle showed up for me at this time – What are they trying to tell me ??? They are all very happy to see me – I ask: “When did I know you ???” There are a whole series of beings standing before me now –                                                                                        I think of Moses first, or was it King Tut??? I’ve always know that I knew Moses from the time he was a child – I had visions years ago of being a young boy (7 or 8) playing on the marble steps of a place – I saw the big pillars & the steps of marble leading to the waters edge – I see myself sitting on a step playing & I remember seeing a basket in the reeds with a baby in it – It was surreal at the time I first had this vision (even today it is as vivid as if I had just had the vision) – My visions began years before I knew anything about past lives & how our soul will show them to us when the time is just right – I really didn’t understand what I was seeing back then – I have since had these visions verified by a number of others who do see past lives & work in that field – I saw myself stand up & run into the palace calling for my mom – What I learned was that I was being shown that we (moses & I) grew up together as if we were brothers -We played together – I was playing on the steps all alone as I don’t see anyone else –
Then there is King Tut, I was his birth mother, not Nefertiti – she was the main wife/queen & I was a lesser wife who bore Tut for Nefertiti – This was not a vision I had, but have been told this by a number of professionals who see into past lives – I feel a depression energy as soon as I mentioned Tut’s name, so even though he was my son, I had given him up at birth – Nefertiti was cold & indifferent to him, which was very hurtful for me to watch – I bore him so that there would be a male to carry on the dynasty – Why is this all coming up now??? What do I need to look at ??? I feel a strong heart connection??? I feel the bond of a mother for her son, the bond of love??? Am I feeling a bit of despair because I allowed my son to be taken from me??? I look at Tut, as a young boy in a man’s world – He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on – He tells me, I’m a figure head,a puppet for the priests who run the country – All I wanted to be was a boy, not a king – My energy dropped as I looked at this life time – I was looking but I didn’t really want to look /re-visit that life – Tut was made king at about 8years of age & left us at about 18years of age – He tells me he was poisoned by the priests as they no longer needed him – I ask if  there any thing that I need to complete with regards to that life time ??? I feel such a sadness energy back in that time – I decide to put rose in front of me & I ask that past life energy to leave my body & go into the rose – I then blow up the rose – I’m done with that life time & that energy – I feel a great emptiness in a part of my heart & I fill my heart with yellow gold healing energy of the very highest vibration to heal it once again –

I asked if anyone else wanted to come forward & share with me??? No one is coming forth – I then asked the group what the mantel over my shoulder means for me at this point in my life??? This is what I was told: “We honor you & look up to you”
I then asked them what they saw as my next step??? Why ask them??? It is my understanding that it is a great honor for them to be able to pass that information on to me – I’m told: “The skies the limit for you now” I look at myself & I see these great BIG wings of mine & they are outstretched as if telling me that it’s time I spread my wings – I ask them: “Can you be more specific??? Can you name one thing that you can share with me??? A direction /an awareness??? I notice that they are looking up to me & I’m being told it is their way of honoring me because of our past interactions -I ask how are they going to know my next step ??? Again I’m told that it’s an honor for them to be able to tell me what they are seeing, especially as they are of a lower vibration & it will add to their vibrating energy – Not getting anything/hearing anything – This time I see them with their eyes bowed downward, almost in reverence – I’m told that they all want to show me the reverence they hold me in – Their energy is really amazing when they are in a state of reverence & honoring me – It’s a  really beautiful energetic signature that they have – The type of energy signature that could give you the chills because it is so beautiful –

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A Soul’s Journey – The flood gates to our Awakening are now open #5

Something I have found to be very beneficial, for me, is to bless “people, places & things” – I have found that this makes the interactions I have & any experiences I have, throughout my day, flow very smoothly & with such joy & gratitude – What I have found myself doing, as I’m driving down the road, is to send unconditional love, light, joy, happiness, peace & healing to everyone who is driving down that road – I send it to the people, to their cars & to their destinations – Another of my favorites is, that as I’m getting out of my car, I send unconditional love, light, joy, happiness, peace & healing to all the cars in the parking lot, to the store I’m going into, to its employees, its customers & all its merchandise – I have some of the most wonderful shopping experiences – The people are curious, I easily find what I’m looking for & a lot of times it will be on sale without my knowing beforehand – The Love you send out to the Universe always comes back to you 10 fold –

I mentioned in my last blog that we all have “teams” of helpers on the other side – I will ask mine whether or not I need to go to a certain place – Will going there be in my highest & best interests??? Should I maybe go another day??? I’m not surrendering my power to anyone – My belief is that they see so much more than I do, so I ask for their input – Remember, we have free will that allows us to take their advice or not – Maybe the item I’m looking to buy will be going on sale the next day – They are our best friends, so talk to them just as you would your best friend –

I live a very dynamic life with new experiences each & every day – I do a lot of healing work, a lot of clearing work, a lot of energy work, & I work with vibration a lot on a daily basis – I will share these with you in more detail in another blog – I think you will find them very helpful –

In working with energy & vibration, did you know that you can command an area of your body to heal??? Now, I’m talking about relieving a head ache, a sore back strain, things along that line – One cravat to this, is that if the area where you feel the discomfort & are wanting to heal, is there to teach you a lesson of some sort – Let’s say your knee or your back is sore – Could it be telling you to slow down, take it easy, that it is in need of a rest – This happens to me a lot, especially when it comes to my working out in my yard – My body is always yelling at me “enough, enough already”
A lot of times I call in my guides to work with me on healing my self – I will ask that their energy coalesce with mine, & that the unharmonious energy in that area of my body  dissipate,  as that energy is no longer needed, nor does it serve my highest & best &then I will send the energy down my grounding cord – When I first started asking for assistance from my guides, the one question I had was “by asking your energy to coalesce with mine, am I dumbing down my ability to do this on my own???”  Their reply to me was, “NO, as you are in effect raising you energies to a higher vibration, which in turn enhances your own healing skills” – We all feel energy differently – We are all individuals & every one of us feels things differently, so never ever compare yourself to what others say they may be experiencing – Even those you feel are much more experienced than you – We have all come into this incarnation with the ability to heal – Maybe, if you are anything like me, you  believe what some well-meaning person in your life told you about your abilities – They are projecting on to you their opinions on the subject – I like the phrase “who died & left you the boss / authority on my life???” Sometimes the healing takes place not in our physical body (where we’d see the results) but in one of our other bodies that surround our physical body – The healing may need to take place in emotional body or your mental body & then filter down into your physical body – Because we exist in 3d, we have been brainwashed into thinking that we need proof that a certain part of us has been healed – It doesn’t work that way – In fact the last place you will notice any healing having taken place is in your physical body – We always receive exactly what we need from any healing work that we do for ourselves or that we engage the help of some else in doing for us – There’s that proverbial onion that we need to constantly peel, so what we may have been looking for, expecting in the way of a healing, just might have taken place in one of our many outer layer – But I guarantee you, a healing will have taken place –

I mentioned that I do a lot of healing work, a lot of energy work on a daily basis – Not just for myself, but for many people, places & things (yes, I said things) – I work with Gaia & the grid system, our whole planet, our solar system, the Universe, the Cosmos & have been working for some time now on the “energy of all creation” – One day as I was sending healing energy & vibration out into the cosmos to join in with the “energy of all creation”, I was mesmerized by the spaces in between the many stars – As I sat there,  in popped the most profound thought that “the energy of all creation” is in the stillness, the void, the space between each star planet (all planets are in reality stars in our solar system) – At the time it was profound, but now it makes perfect sense to me & I wonder why I had never thought of that before –

The other day I had spent the whole morning working with energy & vibration, & doing a lot of healing work – I wanted to do more, as there is so much that needs our attention right now all over the world – So, to be polite, I asked my guides if it was OK for me to continue the work I had started earlier – I should have known before I even asked the question, but I heard a big “you’re pushing it kidddd!!!” from my guides as they stood here snickering at me – I had to laugh too, but I knew they were right, so I stopped for the day –

On this particular day, Jacob is here before I even call him in – It only takes a thought on my part (our part) for our guides to appear –
I ask him “What is it you want me to do???” I had been asking him what my next move is, what is it that they see as my next project so to speak, the next thing on my bucket list –
Jacobs‘ reply: “You need to go out & be more vocal, more public – People need to hear all that knowledge that you have bundled up inside of you” –
For now we are agreeing that this blog is one way for me to begin getting some of my vast knowledge out there – I have been told by my guides for years to go public, but I like the cozy little cocoon that I have been hiding in all these years –

I ask, “What will happen once rejuvenation has begun amongst humanity??? It is coming & there are many who have yet to awaken – This year in particular is going to be a year of profound changes – Not only in our personal lives, but in the world & I can’t wait”
Jacobs‘ reply: “Yes, it is coming & faster than people realize – This a time for humanity’s awakening, for them to start paying attention to the stirrings of their soul – We need you to be ready for it, when it comes – There is so much false information floating around these days as what is going to take place – Armageddon, NO!!! – Don’t be frightened by all those that we see crying out to you, as they see this as their last chance to experience ascension for a long time – Yes, there will be those who come dressed in sheep’s clothing so to speak, but never mind them – They are not of concern to you – The mission, which you accepted by the way, is grand indeed – And it will take someone of your abilities to see it through with, as you have already requested, with ease and grace & for the highest good all of – One day soon the doors will be flung open and all will see/know what you are capable of – We are waiting here with a bottle of champagne, ready to pop the cork in celebration of the day when the whole world will know you as we know you”-

I tell Jacob: “I feel this “I CAN DO IT” energy growing inside of me” –
Jacobs‘ reply: “You’ve done this before – It’s going to feel like slipping on an old pair of sneakers once you start” –

I ask: “Will I have a working partner, someone to work beside me??? Has this person made himself/herself known to me as of yet???”
Jacobs‘ reply: “You will not be doing this alone” –

I tell Jacob: “You realize that I am anxious, & have trepidation about all of this – You know this going out in public is sooo not me” –
Jacobs‘ reply: “They will be coming to you, knocking on your door wanting to know why you’re so calm with all that’s going on around you – They will see that you have changed, & become who you really are as a Spiritual Being – You will be so gung-ho & so excited, that it will be hard to hold you back – Knowing you, you will want to go 24/7 so that no one is left behind – Taking care of your self, will also need to be high on you list of priorities, do not forget this –  The time is drawing near, very near – Keep up with your blog, as it will help to pass the time while you await the coming changes – Before you know it the time will be ripe for you to step out from behind the curtain you like to hide behind – You will find that there are going to be some people who will be very surprised when they learn of who you are & what you can help them with/teach them – You will also have your detractors, but pay them no mind, as they are not of your concern – For the most part, they will be acting out of fear – Soon the world they have been programmed to accept as their reality, will be no more”-

I’ve been here so often, I almost think / feel that I’m like an old sage sitting up on a mountain & people come to me for enlightenment about what it’s like to incarnate & all incarnation entails – Just a thought – I just don’t feel like I’m “home” for very long before I’m back here, but then time doesn’t exist up there – I also know that I don’t want to return to 3D again, I’ve had enough –

to be continued……………………

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